Low or Modest Income Membership

New Category of Membership - Member on Low or Modest Income

'Low or Modest Income Membership'

Seascale Golf Club, as a registered Community Amateur Sports Club, now offers a new category of membership at a reduced rate open to new and existing members unable to meet full members rates.

This concessionary rate set at £500/annum is available without discrimination, to persons who apply and can reasonably demonstrate that they are unable to afford the Club’s standard full member rate. Any person who feels that they cannot afford full membership should apply in person or in writing to the Club Secretary, providing information and any supporting documents that will demonstrate that they are unable to pay the full membership fee. Each application will be considered on its merits. Further information or supporting documents may be required as part of the application process and may be subject to independent verification before receiving approval. Applicants who wish to appeal any decision may request arbitration through an independent body. The Club gives assurance that all applications will be treated discreetly and in total confidence throughout the application process. All members under this category of membership will enjoy identical voting rights and privileges to as a full member of the Club.

Adam Lamb (Secretary/Manager)

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24.03.2020 10:19
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